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Hmong Textiles Orange Shoulder Bag

Hmong Textiles Orange Shoulder Bag

Bright orange large shoulder bag made from vintage Hmong embroideries and patchwork. Lined with red velvet. Measures 40 x 40 cm with a comfortable 100 x 6 cm long shoulder strap. box 2

About The DAA Hmong Collection

Hmong fabrics are meticulously hand embroidered and often featured hemp batik and/or block prints and patchworks, made with lot of love and attention to detail. The DAA Hmong Collection consists of unique handmade shoulder bags, coin purses and skirts made out of vintage, over 40 years old fabrics sourced in Thailand from Hmong tribes. The fabrics are combined with new red velvet, suede and soft denim by a young Antwerp designer to create a contemporary style. Each item has an DAA label inside.

All proceeds of the sales go to the first International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC) of DAA.

149 EUR125 EUR