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Oversized Hmong Embroidered Reversible Jacket

Oversized Hmong Embroidered Reversible Jacket

If you love vintage textiles and hand embroidery, you'll adore this jacket, that has been made by members of the Hmong tribe in Thailand who embroidered the fabric all over before it was sewn together as a unisex jacket with long sleeves and 2 side pockets. The jacket closes with wooden buttons, has no lapels and features patchwork pieces of a softly faded flowery cotton in between the embroideries.  The inside of the jacket is made of soft black cotton with some embroideries at the neck and at the edges of the two pockets and it's completely reversible so you can wear it fancy or plain, depending on your mood or the weather.  box 2

Size XL.

Belt not included.

All sales proceeds benefit Designers against AIDS.
275 EUR225 EUR