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Vintage Silk Kantha Quilted Reversible Shawl (Turquoise/Purple/Ochre)

This is a very special hand quilted Kantha silk shawl made in Jaipur (Rajasthan) in India, using centuries’ old techniques. The entire background of the vintage silk is painstakingly hand embroidered with thousands of small and delicate ‘kantha’ stitches to create this unique masterpiece. The shawl/wrap is reversible and both sides have different textiles and patterns, using very fine vintage silk saris.

Kantha is the ancient Indian art of embroidery, with a simple running stitching. The value of a product with kantha embroidery depends on the intricacy and the details in the embroidery: the finer it is, the more time consuming and expensive.The way in which the stitches have been used is what makes this piece extraordinary: while making the shawl, the cloth is given layers  that are kept together by the stitches. This shawl is 210 cm long and 90 cm wide and can be worn around your neck or as a wrap- and even draped on your chair. We have different shawls in various sizes and colorways/prints for sale in the online store –each one is beautiful and unique- and we wish you much joy choosing the one(s) that you like best. As with all products in our online shop, 100% of net proceeds of all sales will go to support our work and that of our Education Center.



125 EUR